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ผู้ชม 525 ผู้ชม

[3-surface mounting] 
First in the industry! Adopting an innovative L-shaped table to enable installation on three sides. 
Flexibility in design is greatly improved.

[Piping and wiring direction on the same surface] 
Neat wiring and piping. Improved workability and visibility.

[Compact / space saving] 
Compared to the LCR Series, width direction is reduced by 27% and area ratio by 20%. 
Stopper position has been revised to realize downsizing and space saving.

[Position locking available] 
First in the industry! In addition to the head side, the rod side also supports position locking. 
* Rod side is custom order product

[Stroke adjustment function available as standard] 
The stopper can be selected from three types: rubber cushion stopper, metal stopper with rubber cushion, shock absorber stopper.